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FUTMINNA Postgraduate School Fees 2023/2024 Session

Oftentimes, I have received some questions and calls to inquire about the Federal University of Technology Minna (FUTMINNA) Postgraduate School Fees Schedule for fresh and returning students 2023/2024 academic session.

Some of those questions were on how much FUTMINNA postgraduate school is paying for each of the faculties and departments in the school.

That is the major reason why I decided to put this particular article together, knowing that it is going to be a great help to someone.

If you applied for the FUTMINNA postgraduate form or wish to know how much is FUTMINNA postgraduate school fees, read on.

Candidates who have been asking these questions should go nowhere anymore, for the solutions to their problems are here. All you need to do is to read this article very well to get every information therein.

I am delighted to inform you that the school fees schedule for the Federal University of Technology Minna (FUTMINNA) School of Postgraduate Studies, 2023/2024 Academic Session is now online.

You can check it here to confirm what you are supposed to pay as your tuition fees. In this article, there is a detailed breakdown of the FUTMINNA postgraduate school fees schedule.

Prospective students and other students of the Federal University of Technology, Minna (FUTMINNA) should first all check and confirm their school fees schedule before they can proceed to the payment of the fees.

This is to avoid any error in the amount to be paid at every particular point in time and as well hell the student in planning ahead to get the school fees ready.

Failure to do these will lead to unnecessary errors and the student running up and down when he/she is supposed to concentrate on their academic works.

In the next section below, you are going to see the full breakdown of the Federal University of Technology Minna Postgraduate school fees schedule.

FUTMINNA Postgraduate School Fees Schedule For Newly Admitted Students

Tuition Fee                                                                                                                    ($750 for foreign students)

Hiring of Academic Gown (Matric.):                                                        ₦1,000

Campus Map:                                                                                                      ₦500

Caution Deposit:                                                                                                            ₦5,000

Sports/Games:                                                                                                     ₦2,000

Verification of Entry Qualification:                                                          ₦5,000

Identification Card:                                                                                             ₦1,200

Examination Fee:                                                                                                            ₦5,000

Clinic Registration Fee:                                                                                        ₦500

Medical Examination/X-ray:                                                                                 ₦2,000

Medical Services:                                                                                                            ₦3,000

Library Services:                                                                                                            ₦1,000

Laboratory Charges/Consumable:                                                             ₦3,000

FUTMINNA Postgraduate School Fees Schedule For Returning Students

Tuition Fee                                                                                                                    ($750 for foreign students)

Sports/Games:                                                                                                    ₦2,000

Identification Card:                                                                                                 ₦1,200

Examination Fee:                                                                                                           ₦3,000

Medical Services:                                                                                                           ₦3,000

Library Services:                                                                                                     ₦1,000

Laboratory Charges/Consumable:                                                                         ₦3,000

Student Handbook:                                                                                             ₦1,000

Maintenance of Facilities:                                                                                    ₦3,000

Registration Fee:                                                                                                    ₦2,000

Development Levy:                                                                                            ₦5,000

Student Welfare Insurance

Scheme (SWIS)/Activity:                                                                                    ₦1,000

ICT:                                                                                                                              ₦3,000

Total:                                                                                                                            ₦28,200 (+$750 for foreign students)

Other Charges For Both New And Returning Postgraduate Students Of Federal University of Technology Minna (FUTMINNA)

SWEP fee (for participating students):                                                      ₦5,000;

Field trip:                                                                      ₦5,000 (for students of participating departments) or ₦10,000 (for Geology, Biological Sciences, and Surveying and Geoinformatics & WAFT students);

Acceptance Fee:                                                                                                             ₦20,000;

Academic Transcript – Charges (Local/Overseas):                    ₦5,000/15,000/20,000;

Purchase of Change of Course Form (Freshers):                     ₦10,000;

Purchase of Change of Course Form (Returning):                   ₦20,000;

Inter University Transfer Fee:                                                         ₦41,500;

Inter University Transfer Form:                                                         ₦20,000;

Change of Choice of University:                                                          ₦20,000;

Late Registration:                                                                                   ₦10,000;

Deferment of Admission:                                                                        ₦10,000;

Registration of Clubs/Societies:                                                                ₦5,000;

Hiring of Academic Gown for

Convocation (M. Eng./M. Tech/PGD):                                                      ₦5,000;

Replacement of I.D. Card:                                                                                   ₦2,000;

Add/Drop Course Form:                                                                                     ₦1,000;

Scroll:                                                                                                                           ₦2,000;

Alumni Fee:                                                                                                                  ₦2,000;

Collection of Certificate:                                                                                     ₦5,000;

Verification/Confirmation of Results by

Corporate Bodies, Organizations, Agencies

or Individuals:                                                                                                   ₦2,000;

Remarking of Examination Script (per script):                              ₦5,000;

Proof of English Proficiency Request:                                                      ₦2,000;

Letter of Introduction/Attestation Request:                                                ₦1,000;

Purchase of Personal Academic Gown by PhD graduate:     ₦30,000.

Has this article been helpful to you? Always stay connected with us for every vital and timely information about the FUTMINNA school of postgraduate studies.

If you have any questions concerning FUTMINNA, kindly drop them at the comment box below so that we can help you out. Thank you.

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