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FUAM Postgraduate School Fees For 2023/2024 Session

Often time, so many students who applied for University of Agriculture Makurdi (UAM) Postgraduate Studies have asked certain questions about their postgraduate school fees; the amount to be paid, how to make the payment or where to make the payment. This particular article is dedicated to proffering solutions to these “Always Asked” questions.

If you are yet to know how much is FUAM school fees payable as a new student or a returning student, you are at the best place. Make sure that you read this article to the end so as to get the full details.

In this article, I will be showing you the school fees for fresh and returning students 2023/2024 academic session. If you applied or wish to apply for FUAM postgraduate form, read on.

Before I take you to the postgraduate school fees schedule properly, it is very important that I show you how to pay the school fees and where you can go to, make your payment.

Procedure for Payment of University of Agriculture Makurdi (UAM) Postgraduate School Fees.

The UAM postgraduate school fees are payable online through the use of Remita with the use of any valid debit card. Take note of the following to ensure successful payment of your school fees:

Visit the UAM school fees payment platform at

Enter your Matric Number / Application Number / JAMB Number / Form Number (anyone that is applicable) in the space provided to CHECK PAYABLE FEES


For every payment, you are required to obtain an invoice by generating your Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR).

You can pay your school fees online by using Debit Cards, Internet Banking platform or any branch of the designated banks nationwide.

To use debit cards (Verve, MasterCard, Visa, UnionPay) follow the guidelines on the FUAM portal.

To make your payment in the banks, you are expected to print your invoice or copy your RRR and go to any bank of your choice. Request to make payment for the University of Agriculture Makurdi using Remita and then complete your payment.

UAM Postgraduate School Fees For Fresh Students 2023/2024 Session

UAM postgraduate school fees schedule for 2021/2022 academic session is as shown on the tables below:

Newly Admitted Post Graduate Students (Weekend Executive Programme)

LevelProgramme1st SemesterICT chargesTech FeeDept. chargesCollege chargePG schoolHealth insuranceSub-totalSecond semester Tech feeSub-Total
Weekend Executive programmePGDM90,000.003,0002,0008005001,000160098,90030,0001,00031,000129,900

Returning Post Graduate Students (Weekend Executive Programme)

Level Weekend Executive ProgrammeProgrammeICT Charges  Tech FeeDept. chargesColleges chargesPG School  Health Insurance  Sub- Total  Second Semester Fee  Tech FeePG School  Health Insurance  Sub-total

Newly Admitted Post Graduate Students (Full-Time Regular Programme)

Full-Time Programme           ProgrammeFirst Semester FeesICT ChargesTech FeeDept. chargesColleges chargesPG SchoolHealth InsuranceSub- TotalSecond Semester FeePG SchoolHealth InsuranceSub- Total
M. Sc55,000.003,0002,0008005001,000160063,90019,0001,00020,00083,900

 Returning Post Graduate Students (Full-Time)

Full time         ProgrammeFirst Semester FeesICT ChargesTech FeeDept. chargesColleges chargesPG SchoolHealth InsuranceSub- TotalSecond Semester FeePG SchoolHealth insuranceSub- Total
M.Sc34,000.003,0002,000800500800160042,70012,5001,00013,50056, 200

Extra Semester and Session PG Students (Weekend Executive Programme)

Weekend executive programmeProgrammeFirst Semester FeesICT ChargesTech FeeDept. chargesColleges chargesPG SchoolHealth InsuranceSub-TotalSecond Semester FeeICT Charges  
Extra semester37,00030002000800500800160045,70045,700
Extra session33,00030002000800500800160041,70012,0001,00013,00054,700  

Extra Session M. Sc/MPA Students

Full-Time ProgrammeProgrammeFirst Semester FeesICT ChargesTech FeeDept. chargesColleges chargesPG SchoolHealth InsuranceSub-TotalSecond Semester FeeICT ChargesSub-total
Extra Session MPA38,000.003,0002,000800500800160046,70013,0001,00014,00060,700
Extra Session M. Sc38,000.003,0002,000800500800160046,70013,0001,00014,00060,700

Now that you have gotten enough information about UAM postgraduate school fees payments, the next action to take is to get your fees ready in other to proceed with your payment.

Candidates are advised to make sure that they pay their school fees at the appropriate time. Failure to pay at the right time will attract penalty from the school.

This article shall be updated once any changes are made by the school authority regarding this FUAM Postgraduate School Fees. Kindly use the comment box for more inquiries or questions.

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