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Best Pre-Med Schools in Georgia

Are you looking for the Best Pre-Med Schools In Georgia where you can study prior to enrolling in any medical school of your choice?

Then, we are here to let you know that Georgia has some of the very best pre-med schools in the whole country. We will list and talk about some of the best pre-med schools in Georgia in this write-up.

Pre-Med is not a major, but rather a compilation of courses and experiences to get students ready for the next steps. See Best Audiology Colleges in the US.

The pre-med track is a series of courses that satisfy the prerequisites for admission to a medical school and typically include a strong background in the sciences and mathematics as well as varied courses in the arts and humanities.

Once the school is completed, students may send an application to a medical school to complete the Doctor of Medicine Degree (MD).

Pre-medical students have the opportunity to opt for almost any major as long as specific prerequisite courses are completed in the process.

It is important for students to opt for majors accordingly, with Chemistry or Biology as the most common, since so many courses lie in the areas of science.

While coursework and GPA are obviously of great importance, the successful applicant will also have to furnish references, perform well on the MCAT, and show involvement in extracurricular activities on campus and in the community.

The schools we will be listing in this article have a proven track record of providing quality programs that successfully prepare students for the rigors of medical school.

The 10 Best Pre-Med Schools In Georgia include;

  • University of Georgia
  • Emory University
  • Georgia State University
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Mercer University
  • Spelman College
  • Georgia Southern University
  • Kennesaw State University
  • Augusta State University
  • Georgia College

1. University of Georgia

The Pre-Professional Advising Office at the University of Georgia has organized what each student will need to study for a successful career in medicine.

Their Pre-Health Matrix gives students a general overview of the work that is required of them in each chosen career path. This transparency helps students work toward specific academic goals.

Pre-Med students at the University of Georgia are encouraged to be involved in as much as possible throughout the length of their undergraduate course.

The large University of Georgia campus has specialty student organizations that find opportunities to participate in the community.

These volunteer activities, and membership in the organizations, are extremely valuable to a medical school application.

The University of Georgia permits its pre-med students to focus on any bachelor’s degree they select but has created a specialty track for medical school with its partner school, the Medical College of Georgia.

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2. Emory University School of Medicine

Emory University is highly recognized for being a leader in health and science research. In addition to having one of the nation’s best medical schools, Emory University also has an outstanding Pre-Health Advising Program.

Emory University School of Medicine has recognized that successful medical professionals possess 9 core qualities that are of the utmost essential for students wishing to go for a career in medicine.

The Pre-Med Program at Emory emphasizes specifically the development of these competencies to make sure students succeed as medical professionals.

Students taking a pre-med track at Emory are regularly exposed to diverse fields and opportunities. In a partnership with the Emory School of Medicine, pre-med students can learn about 12 various health fields they could opt to specialize in and tailor their course load accordingly.

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3. Georgia State University

The U.S. News & World Report in 2022 ranked Georgia State as the number 2 school in the United States for undergraduate teaching and the number 2 most innovative university in the United States.

A pre-med student at Georgia State University can opt to follow a degree path specific for enrolling in medical school upon graduation.

With all coursework pre-determined, students can feel confident they are completing everything they need for a quality med-school application.

4. Georgia Institute of Technology

Even though Georgia Tech is best known as a top engineering and technical school, it also offers a highly sought-after pre-medical track that has a reputation for placing students in top medical schools.

The Georgia Tech Pre-Med Advising Office provides students with placement and career-specific information to help students create a medical school application that will get noticed.

With a strong emphasis on community, Georgia Tech believes that the key to success is having the support of others.

5. Mercer University  

Students interested in pre-med at Mercer University will be placed with an advisor in their specific Pre-Health Programs Advising Office.

Even though students at Mercer University want to go into the medical field and can earn any bachelor’s degree, their pre-health advisor will keep them on track toward medical school.

Pre-Med students at Mercer University can also apply to take part in their Special Considerations Programs, which creates an express track for students to be accepted into Mercer University School of Medicine during their undergraduate coursework.

6. Spelman College

Spelman College is a private women’s college that has a high success rate and a proven track record for providing quality students to medical schools across the US.

The success of Spelman College is due to its specific Health Careers Program, which trains students toward a medical career.

Participation in the Health Careers Program means individualized guidance in both a student’s plan of study and extracurricular activities.

Spelman College sets up countless opportunities for its pre-medical students to interact with working medical professionals, gaining powerful connections and insight into the profession.


That was all on The best pre-med schools In Georgia. Was it helpful to you? You can send your response to us using the comment section.

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