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Best Law Schools in Los Angeles | See Details

Is studying in Los Angeles your desire? Would you like to know the best law schools that are located in the state?

This article contains the list of best law schools that are located in Los Angeles. Do well to read the article to the end because doing so will help you know all the necessary information you need to make your choice.


The great state of Los Angeles has given the nation some of the best business schools, respected religious colleges, and, of course, world-class football programs. But the State is also home to some of America’s finest law schools.

That may come as a surprise to those who associate law school with the entertainment industry in California, the world of high finance in New York, or the tony old Ivy League schools along the East Coast.

But when one considers the history of Los Angeles, it becomes clearer that the state would be a prime place to study the law. See best law schools in the world.

There is no shortage of law schools to opt from, but not all J.D. programs are created equally.

Thus, when deliberating about which law school in Los Angeles is the best option, students need to carefully consider what each school has to offer them. Which one is right for you? That is where we come in to help.

Here are the Best Law Schools In Los Angeles

1. University of California – Los Angeles School of Law

Founded in 1949, University of California – Los Angeles is among the youngest of top-rated law schools. Over the course of its history, the school has become internationally renowned for the exceptionally high-quality education they provide.

Recently, the University of California – Los Angeles Law’s alumni network has swelled to include more than 18,000 graduates who are leaders in the legal field and in the areas of government, industry, and social justice.

The school regularly hosts reunions and other events that allow current students to form network connections and receive mentorship from alumni. See UCLA Law School Acceptance Rate.

With over 60 full-time faculty members who are widely recognized as some of the most influential legal scholars in the world, UCLA students get the opportunity to learn from some of the most knowledgeable professionals there are.

In addition to a stellar faculty, University of California – Los Angeles offers an extensive array of resources, including a number of well-funded centers, programs, and institutes on campus. 

University of California – Los Angeles Law is consistently ranked as one of the best law schools for entertainment and media law.

Additionally, many of their other programs, including the business/corporate law, tax law, constitutional law, and environmental law programs, are ranked within the top 10 in the United States.

2. University of Southern California Gould School of Law

Founded in 1900, the University of Southern California Gould School of Law was the first law school in the Southern California area.

Over the school’s 120-year history, University of Southern California’s Gould School of Law has established a tradition of enrolling one of the country’s most diverse law student populations, including more international students than any other law school.

Presently, University of Southern California Gould has maintained its commitment to innovating legal education, becoming an elite legal institution ranking among the top 20 law schools in the country.

As of 2020, the acceptance rate for USC Gould is only 19.2%, making admission to the school highly selective. See USC Gould School of Law Acceptance Rate.

The high standards held by the USC Gould admissions office are warranted, however, given the school’s prestigious reputation.

Over 500 USC Gould alumni have gone on to become state or federal judges after graduating from the school.

Emphasizing the importance of interdisciplinary studies to develop a robust and comprehensive understanding of legal theory and practice, USC Gould offers 15 different dual degree programs.

3. Loyola Law School

Loyola Law School is the first American Bar Association-approved school in California to require students to carry out a minimum amount of pro bono legal service prior to graduation, the school boasts a strong commitment to ethics and the public interest.

In addition, Loyola students are often known to surpass the required minimum of 40 hours of pro bono work.

In fact, in alignment with the school’s purported dedication to pursuing social justice, Loyola students have helped save five wrongfully convicted people from death row and long-term incarceration.

Each year, Loyola Law students complete over 40,000 hours of free legal work for nonprofit organizations.

The school’s robust Public Interest Department offers students support for pro bono student work in a number of ways, including public interest scholarships, summer public interest grants, and post-graduate public interest fellowships.

Additionally, the college is home to a number of different programs, clinics, and centers for those who are interested in studying public interest law, such as the Public Interest Law Concentration.

Upon graduation from the program, participating students receive a certificate acknowledging their distinction. 

According to the legal magazine American Lawyer, Loyola is the third best law school in the country in terms of preparing its graduates for careers as attorneys for Big Law Practice.

Loyola’s graduating class of 2020 has an employment rate of 86.71%, with the majority of graduates securing employment in the state of California shortly after graduation.

4. Southwestern Law School

Established in 1975, the accelerated SCALE curriculum is very flexible beyond the first year, allowing students to choose from among a number of summer session electives, second-year elective courses, and honors programs participation options.

Southwestern Law School offers students more options for degree programs leading to a J.D. than any other American Bar Association-approved law school, with four different programs of study, all featuring different schedules and instructional approaches.

Moreover to a conventional full-time, daytime degree program, the school has a part-time night program. Southwestern’s other two J.D. programs are more unconventional.

One of these is the PLEAS program, which stands for Part-time Legal Education Alternative at Southwestern.

This four-year, part-time program is designed to suit the needs of law students who have child- or elder-care responsibilities. It is one of the first programs of its kind in the country.

Students who take part in the PLEAS program have the opportunity to be a part of a special mentorship program under the supervision of Professor Jenny R. Fee, the program’s designated faculty advisor.

The SCALE, or Southwestern’s Conceptual Approach to Legal Education, the program is an accelerated J.D. program with an alternative approach to legal education.

The very first ABA-approved program of its kind, SCALE allows students to earn a J.D. degree in only two years. See the Best Sports and Entertainment Law School.

The school also offers concurrent J.D./M.B.A. degree programs through a partnership with Southwestern’s Drucker Graduate School of Management.


That was all you need to know about the best law schools in Los Angeles in this article. You can ask your questions using the comment section.

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