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Best Industrial Design Schools in the US

While a formal education is not an absolute must, most industrial design firms require designers to hold at least a bachelor’s degree from one of a broad range of disciplines.

Have you tried deciding on an industrial design school to opt for but feel stumped? You are not alone!

There are many Industrial design schools in the United States. This article contains the list of the 10 best industrial design schools in the US. It will help you in selecting the Industrial design school that will be fit for your study. Let’s get started!

One may ask what industrial design is all about, Industrial Design is the professional practice of designing products, devices, objects, and services used by millions of people around the world every day.

Their major role is to help produce manufactured items that not only work well but please the eye and, therefore, have competitive benefits over similar products.

The work of an industrial designer often relates to or includes graphic design, such as advertising and packaging, corporate imagery and branding, and interior design (also called interior architecture or environmental design), the arrangement of man-made spaces.

Here is the list of the 10 best Industrial Design Schools in the US:

  • Georgia Institute of Technology School of Industrial Design
  • Carnegie Mellon University School of Design
  • Purdue University
  • Rhode Island School of Design
  • University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
  • Virginia Tech
  • University of Notre Dame
  • Arizona State University
  • San Jose State University
  • Drexel University

1. Georgia Institute of Technology School of Industrial Design

The secret to the success of Georgia Institute of Technology’s School of Industrial Design comes down to one word: technology.

With access to the latest in design technologies, GIT empowers its students to bring their ideas into the real world.

Technology is the focus of the Institute’s several research centers and labs. In the Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation, researchers and students work to make the world more accessible.

Taking advantage of the resources provided to them, participants develop the latest in user-centered research, products, and services for individuals with disabilities.

For more than two decades, the Center for Spatial Planning Analytics and Visualization has been a leader in the field of geospatial technologies.

Working alongside experts from institutions across the world, students and researchers in the Center help governments and nonprofits improve and evaluate critical infrastructure for responsible urban growth.

2. Carnegie Mellon University School of Design

How confident in its design students is the Carnegie Mellon University School of Design? They let their students design their new logo.

Carnegie Mellon University makes students’ work the face of the program, showing the world the excellent designs they produce.

A logo is just the latest in the outstanding work created by Carnegie Mellon University industrial design students.

At the latest meeting of the Relating Systems Thinking & Design Symposium (RSD10), held at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, several Carnegie Mellon University sophomores have been invited to present.

Topics that students are presenting on include declining pollinators in central California, Automation and the value of work, and more.

In each of these presentations, students offer ways that industrial design can address and alleviate these problems.

In case after case, Carnegie Mellon University students use their education and knowledge to make the world a better place.

3. Purdue University

If you want to know the quality of Purdue University’s industrial design BFA degree, you need to look no further than the school’s undergraduate student gallery.

There, you will find numerous examples of the exciting and valuable projects students have designed. Examples include an easy-to-transport one-man kayak and a compact showerhead for women.

How can Purdue’s students produce such outstanding work? Of course, the answer includes excellent faculty and a fantastic cohort. But creations of this quality also require resources and spaces in which students can bring their ideas to life.

Purdue students can enjoy those resources in the Yue Kong Pao Hall of Visual and Performing Arts. There, they’ll find things such as personal design studios, to which they each have 24-hour access.

In addition, advanced students can work with technology such as CNC rapid prototyping. Solidworks, and Keyshot for computer modeling and rendering.


You did great if you were able to read to this point. At this point, we believe you have been able to examine the schools listed above and have been able to pick out the ones that will be convenient for your academic journey.

If you have any questions on this topic, then you can let us know via the comment section and we will be there to give the right answers to your questions.

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