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Best Forensic Psychology Schools in the US

If you are interested in studying forensic psychology in the United States, here are the necessary the best forensic university in the US and other vital information you need to know about forensic universities. Let’s get started!


Forensic psychology is a discipline that explores the connection between human behavior and the justice system — serving as the application of psychology to issues relating to the legal system.

Forensic psychologists have the critical ability to promote the psychological well-being of individuals, communities, and organizations within a legal framework, by gleaning tools, ideas, and clinical research from psychology and applying them to complex legal situations.

Serving as one of the most impactful professions today, the field of forensic psychology needs empathetic, results-oriented professionals who can bridge the gap between individuals and the legal system.

Students who enroll in forensic psychology master the ability to adapt to industry change, conduct relevant research, and promote the psychological well-being of individuals, communities, and organizations.

Many colleges in the United States offer these courses as dual degrees in psychology and law, while others provide specialization in the field. See Best Colleges for Zoology in the US.

 Here is the list of the Best Forensic Psychology Schools In the US

  • CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice
  • University of Denver
  • Florida Institute of Technology
  • Montclair State University
  • Maryville University of St. Louis
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott
  • George Washington University
  • Kean University
  • The Chicago School of Professional Psychology at Los Angeles
  • College of Saint Rose

CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice

The John Jay College of Criminal Justice at CUNY is one of the nation’s most prestigious liberal arts colleges.

Nearly 10% of the 2,000 graduate students are part of the forensic psychology program. The Master of Arts in forensic psychology provides a strong foundation that can be applied within the criminal and civil justice systems.

While studying forensic psychology, students at CUNY learn from over 35 full-time faculty members.

Offering a unique blend of expertise, professors are often actively working as clinicians. Many faculty members have extensive experience in forensic units of hospitals, family courts, or law enforcement consultants.

After graduation, CUNY forensic psychology students are connected to a network of 60,000 active criminal justice alumni.

Nearly half of the graduates work in public service, with top career preferences including government and non-profit organizations.

University of Denver

The Denver Forensic Institute for Research, Service, and Training (Denver FIRST) acts as a regional hub for forensic mental health expertise.

Through policy and advocacy work, the center focuses on advocating for legislative reform for marginalized people.

University of Denver FIRST provides forensic mental health services throughout the state of Colorado.

Students gain insight into implementing cutting-edge, evidence-based practice; outpatient competency restoration, forensic assessment, case management, and neuropsychological screening are just some of the services provided.

The University of Denver is a leading source for forensic mental health training for forensic evaluators and other professionals.

Via training sessions, workshops, and consultations, the university is an essential part of the forensic community in Denver.

Florida Institute of Technology

The forensic psychology degree program at Florida Tech is the only undergraduate program of its kind in Florida.

At the intersection of law and psychology, the degree provides students with a top-tier education. The low student-to-faculty ratio ensures close collaboration between students and faculty.

While in classes, undergraduates develop skills in crime analysis, prevention, and acting as a community liaisons.

Senior undergraduates participate in a scholarly inquiry project. Through an intensive field internship and substantial research, forensic psychology students gain the necessary hands-on experience.

Active Minds, a prominent student organization on campus, focuses on psychology and mental health.

Members work together to change the perception of mental health on campus through seminars, lectures, and other events.

Along with Active Minds, forensic psychology students can join the Forensic Psychology Association to develop their leadership experience.


it is crucial to comprehend that professionals working in forensic psychology are tasked with improving the relationships between individuals and the legal system — by assessing, evaluating, and treating offenders and victims.

So you need to develop the skills required to carry out all these functions during your study in school to enable you to be fit for the career.

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