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If you desire to study art in one of the best art schools in the world, then you are on the right track because we will be looking at the best art schools in the world in this guide. We advise that you read it to the end to get all the information in it.


In many ways, an art school is like any other higher learning institution. Students come there to develop their skills, learn from masters, and gain networking opportunities.

But art schools have one different requirement, one not so often needed from other institutions: inspiration.

When students enroll in an art school, they are partially looking for that spark, that lightning strike that will help them create the next great masterwork.

There are so many art schools located across the globe, based on the field a prospective artist opts to concentrate on. Various art schools have some qualities that are different from each other.

For that reason, we will be focusing on lists of art schools located across the continents of Australia, Europe, Asia, and North America which have elite reputations. With this list, you can make the right decision for yourself.

Here are the best art schools in the world

  • University of the Arts London
  • Rhode Island School of Design
  • The New School Parsons School of Design
  • Glasgow School of Art
  • School of the Art Institute of Chicago
  • Royal College of Art
  • Central Academy of Fine Arts
  • National School of Fine Arts
  • Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
  • RMIT School of Art

1. University of the Arts London

The University of the Arts of London first existed as seven independent colleges that were all established between 1850 and the early 1900s.

The school became a single entity in 1988 and specializes in programs dedicated to the arts, design, fashion, and performing arts.

Students can take classes in 20 study subjects, including accessories, footwear and jewelry, creative computing, fashion communication, and performance and design for theater and screen.

To apply, students first choose a foundation/pre-degree course, read the entry requirements for that pathway, and begin their application.

The University of the  Arts is currently ranked #2 for art and design by the QS World University Rankings.

They have produced over 40% of all Turner Prize winners and over two-thirds of British Designers of the Year are UAL alumni.

2. Rhode Island School of Design

Founded in 1877, Rhode Island School of Design is affiliated with Brown University and offers cross-registration, as well as dual degree programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Rhode Island School of Design is ranked #4 in Art & Design programs by the QS World University Rankings and was recently named one of the top producers of US Fulbright Scholars by the Chronicle of Higher Education.

All undergraduate students take first-year studies in Experimental and Foundation studies, followed by a major course of study in fine arts or design discipline beginning in their sophomore year.

The school offers 16 undergraduate degrees in topics like furniture design, illustration, ceramics, glass, film, animation, and video.

Students can also add liberal arts or interdisciplinary concentrations to their majors, like computation, technology and culture, or literary arts and studies.

To apply to Rhode Island School of Design, interested candidates submit the common app, transcripts, optional tests like the SAT/ACT, and a portfolio including 12-20 examples of their best, recent work that shows their range.

Furthermore, they are asked to provide a 650-word college essay, 1-3 letters of recommendation, and “The Assignment,” an opportunity to demonstrate how they think and make.

3. The New School Parsons School of Design

Founded in 1896, the New School Parsons School of Designs (typically referred to as “Parsons”) is the first of its kind to offer programs in fashion design, advertising, interior design, and graphic design. In 2021, Parsons ranked 3rd in the QS World University Rankings for Art and Design.

The first year at Parsons is designed to integrate creation and reflection on studio work, immersion in a range of art and design concepts, skills, and critical practices, and application of systems thinking and problem-solving methods to creative challenges.

For the BFA, students take integrated studio and seminar courses, as well as sustainable systems, space/materiality, and drawing/imaging in their first semester.

In the second semester, they continue with the integrative studio and seminar, and additionally enroll in time, objects as history, and a program elective.

4. Glasgow School of Art

Founded in 1845, the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland has produced 30% of Turner Prize nominees – the Turner Prize is an annual award given to a British visual artist, and only four artists are shortlisted for the prize each year.

Glasgow School of Art offers 19 undergraduate degrees in topics like 3D modeling, design for health and wellbeing, games and virtual reality, and silversmithing and jewelry.

Glasgow’s most illustrious alumni tend to focus on animation and filmmaking and include Peter Capaldi, actor and Oscar winner for the short film category; Iain McCaig, illustrator and Hollywood storyboard artist; and Norman McLaren, Oscar-winning animator and filmmaker.

5. School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Established in 1866, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s core values include exploration, the inseparability of meaning and making, artistry and scholarship, Chicago, and making history.

The institution has been granted many awards and accolades.

Most recently, they were named the most influential art school by the National Arts Journalism Program at Columbia University, and the second-best overall graduate program for fine arts in the US by the 2020 and 2021 US News and World Report.

The Institute ranks 7th globally by QS World University Rankings by Art and Design, #1 of the top 25 animation schools in the midwest by the Animation Career Review, and the leading graphic design school of 2020. It is also the top producer of Fulbright Scholars among all art and design schools.

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago is the oldest accredited independent school of art and design in the U.S. and hosts the largest school-museum campus in the nation.

They offer subjects in art therapy, new media, interior architecture, printmaking, and visual arts, to name only a few.

Application requirements include a portfolio that gives a sense of the applicant, their interests, and their willingness to experiment, explore, and think beyond technical skills.


We are glad that you read to this point, which is the end of the article on the best art schools in the world, were you able to identify the art school that will be the best for your study? We will be waiting for your response in the comments section.

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