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Best Art Schools in Colorado | See Details

Are you willing to become an artist but you are yet to pick the school that will be comfortable for your study?

Don’t worry we are here for you. We will be talking about the best art schools in Colorado to help you during your selection stage.


Anyone who has ever called Colorado “home” will be the first to tell anyone that this land has a culture all its own.

With a unique blend of Rocky Mountains, Colorado River, and old West landscapes, Colorado provide ample inspiration for emerging drawers, painters, sculptors, and potters, thereby perfectly balancing the best parts of living, offering up something of value for everyone.

This is also what makes the possibility of attending any of the renowned art schools in Colorado so profoundly appealing.

By enrolling in any of the top Colorado art programs, students are doing more than just investing in education; they are engaging in one of the nation’s most historic, beautiful states.

From the Rocky mountains to the rushing waterfalls that fill this stunning corner of our nation, Colorado offers up the best parts of the natural world.

Students in search of inspiration are guaranteed to find it within just an easy drive of any of the nationally recognized art programs in this state.

Filled with Rocky Mountain, Great Sand Dunes, and Mesa Verde National Park, proximity to skiing and snowboarding lodges and several national parks, Colorado draws a constant flow of students from all over the world.

By enrolling, these diverse class bodies bring forth new ideas, changing perspectives, and brand-new experiences.

Here are the best art schools in Colorado

  • Fort Lewis College
  • Western Colorado University
  • Regis University
  • Colorado State University
  • The University of Colorado at Denver
  • The University of Colorado at Boulder
  • The University of Denver School of Art & Art History
  • The University of Northern Colorado School of Art & Design
  • Colorado College
  • Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design

1. Fort Lewis College

The stunning Fort Lewis College Gallery is the crown jewel of this impressive campus. It features over 1,000 square feet of exhibition space in addition to a cathedral and vaulted ceilings.

Peering out across the San Juan Mountains, the gallery is an integral community space for fostering research and artistic innovation.

Undergraduates specialize in one of three art majors: Art K-12 Education, Studio Art, or Communication Design.

The Art K-12 Education track prepares students for establishing careers as art teachers in Colorado, while the other options devote more time to in-studio practice.

Studio Art classes expose students to a broad range of skills, including ceramics, sculpture, and printmaking.

Students can often be found attending class and working in one of several courtyard learning areas.

The Communication Design major will take undergraduates on a deep dive through Adobe Creative Suite, including its InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator extensions.

2. Western Colorado University

Situated in between the Gunnison National Forest and the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Western Colorado University offers more than enough inspiration for budding artists.

Students can major in museum curation, art education, and animation, among other subjects.

The BFA in Jewelry at WCU provides the perfect environment for jewelry makers to refine their own techniques and brands.

Campus facilities house torches, buffing wheels, and other jewelry-making technology, and a technician is typically on hand to assist in creative projects.

There are also several art minors at WCU, including one in Web Design and Development. Certainly a high-demand degree in today’s society, the program takes students through the necessary steps to begin their own design companies.

Curricular projects involve learning coding languages, building websites, and learning competitive marketing tactics.

3. Regis University

Regis University distinguishes itself among other art schools through its Jesuit foundation, which influences every program and curriculum.

The school fulfills 100% of students’ demonstrated financial needs and emphasizes a commitment to service and social justice.

In fact, students complete more than 60,000 hours of philanthropy within an academic year, and over 90% report that Regis challenged them to consider social justice issues in their daily lives.

The vast majority of Regis graduates are employed within an arts-related field or pursuing higher education.

Its Art History program encourages undergraduates to analyze artworks from multiple historical, social, and cultural perspectives.

Students have access to the O’Sullivan Arts Center within the Fine Arts concentration.

The gallery regularly hosts exhibitions from artists who have received regional and global accolades.

4. Colorado State University

Colorado State University offers more concentrations than most of the art schools on this list. In fact, the BA in Art includes 11 areas like electronic art, metalsmithing, and photo image making.

The Electronic Art major challenges students to grow their skills in game theory, user interface, software creation, and installation work. It is a highly hands-on track founded on an interdisciplinary approach.

Metalsmithing, which has recently gained more popularity in the media, is another popular program at Colorado State University.

Metalsmithing undergraduates are frequently seen competing at local and national exhibitions or attending conferences.

The project-based curriculum prepares students to launch their own product lines or even open their own studios! Photo Image Making is one of the newest options for artistic undergraduates.


That was all about the best art schools in Colorado. Was the article helpful to you? Let us know in the comment section.

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