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What Can You Do With an Art Degree? 100+ Careers & Salaries Revealed

If you desire to study art but you don’t know what you can do with an art degree, various careers and salaries, then this article is for you.

We will be discussing what you can do with an art degree, various careers in art, and their salaries in it. So feel relaxed as you go through the article.

What can you do with a degree in Art? A bachelor’s degree in art offers a range of employment options.

Most colleges provide access to a variety of different concentrations within the realm of arts, ranging from Fine Arts, graphic design, business, digital arts, game and interactive media design, cinematography and film/video production, theater Arts, fashion design, commercial and advertising arts, and architecture.

Some students use a bachelor’s degree in art as a stepping stone to pursuing a master’s degree in a specialized area of art, or to earn teaching credentials.

Why Become a Artist?

Some of the rationales behind this line of work include:

A desire to make a difference: In the rapidly changing world of science and technology, many professionals pursuing this field believe that they are well-positioned to make meaningful contributions to society through their art work.

Being an artist allows you to share your art with the world. – You can make a difference in the world by sharing your art and your perspective. Art can inspire change, make people feel certain ways, and it can also beautify our world.

Here are the things you can do with an art degree:

1. Architect

An architect plans the creation of buildings. This includes helping to design the buildings. Usually requires an architecture specialty degree.

You can succeed in this profession either as an employee of an architecture firm, or you can start your own firm and secure very large contracts.

Salary: $72,000/year (Glassdoor)

2. Cinematographer

An artist who captures images for films and major motion pictures. They do this through image-capture technology like cameras.

Salary: $58,000/year (TheArtCareerProject)

3. Fashion Designer

The practice of creating original designs for fashion wear, including clothing, bags, shoes, and more. Fashion designers are central to an apparel company’s success.

Major fashion designers are also often entrepreneurs and start their own major companies, such as Ralph Lauren and the late Gianni Versace.

Salary: $95,000/year (

5. Filmmaker

An individual who creates films for consumer commercial consumption. Filmmaking has been the dominant art form of the 20th and 21st centuries in terms of gross dollars.

Salary: Filmmakers can hold a number of duties in the process of making films. The average filmmaker salary is $54,000/year according to ZipRecruiter.

However, the top positions in a filmmaking studio, such as the director, will often make significantly more money.

6. Fine Artist

Art that is created for the sake of art itself, and generally accepted as separate from art for commercial purposes.

Salary: If you are employed as a sculptor, painter, or illustrator, your salary can be $40,000 – $60,000/year according to Recruiter.

If you are an independent artist with a major following, you can make anywhere from a few thousand to millions per year.

7. Graphic designer

An individual who designs or otherwise transforms images. In the modern world, graphic designers are often associated with design on computer programs, such as Illustrator and PhotoShop.

Salary: $46,000/year (GlassDoor).

8. Digital Artist

Utilizing technology to create original work. Digital artists are in high demand for commercial applications, and their work overlaps with many of the other professions on this list.

Digital art activities include painting, drawing, modeling, music, sound engineering, and more.

Salary: Freelancers make an average of $62,000/year (ZipRecruiter)

9. Industrial Designer

Someone who designs products intended to be produced at a massive scale for retail sale. It is separate from the actual manufacturing of a product. A related career on this list is CAD Drafting.

Salary: $65,000/year (ZipRecruiter)

10. Interior Designer

An individual who improves the quality of a building’s interior. Interior designers are employed by corporations to design major buildings and by individuals who want to enhance their individual living space.

Salary: $59,000/year (Indeed)

11. Jewelry Designer

Any individual who creates and designs jewelry, including necklaces, watches, rings, earrings, and other accessories.

Salary: Although ZipRecruiter says the national average salary is $44,000/year, designers employed in major companies such as Tiffany’s make more than $100,000/year (Glassdoor).

12. Performing Artist

Someone who specializes in a live action artform, such as dancing, acting, music performance, comedy, and ventriloquism. Although most art degrees are separate from performing arts degrees, they are still useful for careers in these fields.

Salary: $53,000/year (Comparably)

13. Photographer

Anyone who takes pictures for a living. As outlined in this article, many photographers have specialty niches, including news, wedding, and corporate photography.

However, some photographers have made livings based on just selling their original photography; a famous example is landscape photographer Ansel Adams.

Salary: $65,000/year (

14. Video Artist

An artist who uses vintage and contemporary video and audio technology to create original work. Distinct from video game artists and videography, both of which will be covered in this article as well.

Salary: Most video artists are independently employed, thus consistent salary data is not easily found. Video artists who are successful and whose work is shown in galleries can make $70,000/year or more.

15. Videographer

An individual who films images and stores them on visual media. These individuals are fluent not only in general art, but also video production. Any professional presentation employs a videographer.

Salary: $65,000/year ( Many are independent but have high demand.


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