WAEC GCE English Questions and Answers 2020/2021 (Essay and Objectives)

WAEC GCE English questions and answers 2020Welcome to 2020 WAEC English Language questions and answers. You will find WAEC GCE English Objective Answers, WAEC English Essay 2020, WAEC GCE 2020 English Comprehension and the tips you need to pass your WAEC GCE English examination at ease.

WAEC GCE English Questions and Answers (Expo)

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The questions below are strictly for practice.

In each of the following sentences, there is one underlined word and one gap. From the list of words lettered A to D, choose the one that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in italics and that will, at the same time, correctly fill the gap in the sentence.

1. Benetou’s inquisitiveness is in sharp contrast with her sister’s                       

(a) indifference

(b) noisiness

(c) calmness

(d) dullness

2. Though at first it appeared an insignificant idea, it turned out to be quite     

 (a) outstanding

(b) successful

(c) remarkable

(d) interesting

3. After grasping the fundamental aspects of his job, Kwesi had to cope with more  procedures

(a) advanced

(b) academic 

(c) subsidiary

(d) secondary

4. The youth prefer discussing contemporary issues to ______________ ones

(a) archaic

(b) uninteresting

(c) state

(d) political

5. As erroneous as it might sound, the headmaster’s assumption was quite___________________  (a) wise

(b) correct

(c) precise

(d) faulty

6. Halima likely to dwell to trivial, rather than______  matters

(a) strong

(b) popular

(c) weighty

(d) heavy

7. We all know that Bola is insolent whereas Ade is_________    

(a) cowardly

(b) respectful

(c) humble

(d) modest

8. A few days after Musa’s__________, his sister longed for his departure

(a) coming

(b) entrance

(c) arrival

(d) welcome

9. Algebra seems complicated, but with practice it becomes______

 (a) solved

(b) simple

(c) accessible

(d) achievable

10. Mrs. Agide is unassuming whereas her twin sister is__________             

 (a) cheerful

(b) boastful

(c) loud

(d) rude

From the words lettered A to D, choose the word that best complete each of the following sentences.

11. At Christmas, employees of the Sugar Factory receive huge__________                        

 (a) benefits

(b) dividends

(c) bonuses

(d) salaries

12. The exposed milk in that container has turned______                       

(a) sour

(b) putrid

(c) mouldy

(d) stale

13. Not all activists champion________ causes

(a) worthy

(b) real

(c) favourable

(d) concrete

14. The mayor gave a glowing________ at the funeral of the city’s only curator

(a) citation

(b) statement

(c) tribute

(d) commendation

15. At the end of_____________ , the National Anthem is played on our radio station

(a) programming

(b) production

(c) transition

(d) transmission

16. The defense counsel was unable to convince the____________ of John’s innocence

(a) plaintiff

(b) witness

(c) panel

(d) jury

17. Unfortunately, corruption is the____________ of most African countries

(a) venom

(b) bane

(c) disaster

(d) backbone

18. The_____________results proved that the patient has hepatitis

(a) investigation

(b) diagnosis

(c) probe

(d) test

19. The new book has beautiful_______________ which makes it attractive

(a) illustrations

(b) demonstrations

(c) illuminations

(d) compositions

20. Their marriage was finally_______________after years of hostility

(a) cancelled

(b) annulled

(c) broken

(d) separated

After each of the following sentences, a list of possible interpretations is given. Choose the interpretation that is most appropriate for each sentence.

21. Can you imagine Oka behaving as if he has all the knowledge in the world? This means that Oka

(a) does not really know everything

(b) knows so much more than we think

(c) is admired by everybody

(d) respects other people

22. Akin is too full of himself. This means that Akin

(a) talks too much

(b) eats too much

(c) is too proud

(d) is quite annoying

23. She slogged her guts out for the examination. This means that she

(a) failed the examination despite working hard for it

(b) passed the examination despite not working hard for it

(c) used unfair means to face the examination

(d) really worked very hard for the examination

24. I admire Modou: very few people can stomach all of Adaeze’s insult. This means that Modou

(a) tolerated Adaeze’s insults

(b) was a weakling

(c) had no answer to Adaeze’s insult

(d) did the right thing by remaining silent

25. After months of battling with stroke, he is now a shadow of his former self this means that he

(a) is now frail

(b) is vulnerable

(c) is hopeless

(d) has almost recovered

26. Kura, you can’t be too careful when dealing with Wang. This means that Kura

(a) has no reason to be suspicious of Wang

(b) can fully rely on Wang

(c) has to be very careful in his relationship with Wang

(d) may feel free in the company on Wang

27. Don’t tell me another cock and bull story. This means that the speaker does not want to

(a) be further baffled

(b) hear the same old story

(c) hear another drab story

(d) be further deceived

28. Had he confessed much earlier, she would have trusted him. This means that he

(a) had confessed earlier on, but he wasn’t trusted

(b ) had confessed much earlier on, and he was trusted

(c) hadn’t confessed much earlier on, and he was trusted

(d) hadn’t confessed earlier on, and he wasn’t trusted

29. Kola: you really worked hard to win this case, Didia: you don’t know the half of it. This means that

(a) it wasn’t as difficult as Kola had thought

(b) Kola’s statement wasn’t actually correct

(c) it was even more difficult than Kola could imagine

(d) sinning the case didn’t mean much to Kola.

30. Femi is too clever by half. This means that Femi

(a) displays his cleverness in an annoying way

(b) is not as clever as he thinks

(c) pleases everyone he meets

(d) hides how clever he really is

Form the words lettered A to D below each of the following sentences, choose the word or group of words that is nearest in meaning to the word in italics as it is used in the sentence.

31. He was such a brilliant footballer

(a) an inspired

(b) an intelligent

(c) a dazzling

(d) a skillful

32. The politician is a fluent speaker.

(a) an eloquent

(b) a superficial

(c) an insightful

(d) a persuasive

33. Everyone has the urge to succeed in life

(a) compulsion

(b) desire

(c) need

(d) courage

34. When he heard the gunshot, he ran into a thick forest.

(a) tight

(b) deep

(c) dense

(d) close

35. That was a timely intervention

(a) suitable

(b) accurate

(c) prompt

(d) major

36. David is not only hardworking but also scrupulous. (

a) painstaking

(b) ambitious

(c) pleasant

(d) daring

37. We really have to be careful because the situation is rather tricky

(a) deceitful

(b) trivial

(c) unexpected

(d) difficult

38. I think that his essay is impeccable.

(a) erroneous

(b) correct

(c) satisfactory

(d) faultless

39. There has been a marked change in her study habit

(a) significant

(b) real

(c) full

(d) complete

40. He was directed to write the letter

(a) advised

(b) instructed

(c) persuaded

(d) forced

From the words or group of words lettered A to D, choose the word or group of words that best completes each of the following sentences.

41. Every one of the students____________to be excited about the excursion

(a) was seeming to

(b) is seeming

(c) seem

(d) seems

42. We should assist the poor____________ ?

(a) shall we

(b) isn’t it

(c) shouldn’t we

(d) we shouldn’t

43. Either he or you____________to clean up the mess

(a) has

(b) have

(c) were

(d) was

44. If Musa had woken up earlier, he____________breakfast.

(a) would not have missed

(b) ought not to miss

(c) shall have missed

(d) may have missed

45. He would rather appeal the decision____________ defeat.

(a) instead of accepting

(b) than accepting

(c) than accepts

(d) than accept

46. The student complained that he____________the teacher

(a) was not hearing

(b) could not hear

(c) does not hear

(d) is not hearing

47. My brother____________in Lagos for the past ten years.

(a) is living

(b) lived

(c) have lived

(d) has been living

48. I am totally disappointed____________such poor grades.

(a) from

(b) with

(c) for

(d) on

49. He is a doctor but he dabbles____________politics now and then.

(a) in

(b) through

(c) on

(d) into

 50. ____________Arrived before the manager.

(a) neither he nor I

(b) neither me nor he

(c) either I nor him

(d) neither me nor him

51. The evening was rounded ____________with a dance

(a) off

(b) up

(c) out

(d) down

52. I____________have done the dishes but I haven’t had the time.

(a) will

(b) should

(c) might

(d) shall

53. I have heard all____________you said

(a) what

(b) which

(c) that

(d) whatever

54. Life in the city is____________challenging for the lazy

(a) too much

(b) so much

(c) very much

(d) much too

55. It is always____________that get the blame

(a) me

(b) I

(c) myself

(d) mine

56. He spends a____________deal of time studying

(a) large

(b) great

(c) big

(d) huge

57. I guess he holds____________sensitive position in the company.

(a) some kind

(b) many kind of

(c) some kind of

(d) many kind

58. He always give____________for coming late to school.

(a) one excuse or another

(b) one excuse or the other

(c) some excuse or another

(d) some excuse or the other

 59. ____________You turn down the volume of the radio? I am trying read!

(a) May

(b) Will

(c) Would

(d) Should

 60. I know it’s a secret, so I____________tell anyone 

(a) couldn’t

(b) shadn’t

(c) needn’t

(d) mightn’t

61. At the last minute, Amidu backed____________of the plan.

(a) up

(b) off

(c) out

(d) can

62. He____________be very handsome but I don’t like him

(a) shall

(b) will

(c) might

(d) can

63. During her early days in school, she____________ study for hours

(a) would

(b) may

(c) can

(d) shall

64. He____________this morning in a dizzling white shirt. (a) turned off (b) turned in (c) turned by (d) turned out

65. The police have____________a warning to all residents of the area (a) put on (b) put in (c) put off (d) put out

66. My parents taught me a lot of lessons, most of____________ are difficult to forget. (a) which (b) who (c) whom (d) what

67. Sani ____________ on a banana peel and fell down. (a) slide (b) slid (c) had slid (d) was sliding

68. I look forward to____________ from you. (a) hear (b) hearing (c) be hearing (d) have heard

69. I have made remarkable progress____________learning French. (a) by (b) at (c) in (d) for

70. The beans have not been properly____________(a) grind (b) ground (c) grinding (d) grounded

In the following passage, the numbered gaps indicate missing words. Against each number in the list below the passages, four options are given in columns lettered A to D. choose the word that is the most suitable to fill the numbered gaps in the passage.

An entrepreneur is a person who organizes and manages any business enterprises, or one who combines the other factors of _______ 71_______ to start a business and make a profit. He possesses considerable initiative and is willing to take 72_______, _______An entrepreneur can be a farmer, a dressmaker, a factory owner, a wholesaler or a 73_______, More often than not, it is best for an entrepreneur to start a business from scratch rather than_______74_______ in or buy an existing business. One advantage is that he would be independence and not become a_______75_______or get to inherit some bad debt.

The _______76_______of a good entrepreneur must include hard work, innovation and creativity. He must be well informed and confident to make worthwhile decision. As it takes a great deal of energy, time and money to operate one’s own business, entrepreneurs must seek to possess good managerial_______77_______in order to manage their business successfully.

But how useful is the entrepreneur to the society? He is an innovator who develops new  _______78 _______and services to make life easier and more comfortable. He plans, organizes, directs and_______79_______  his business activities effectively, thus minimizing wastage of limited _______80_______and enhancing productivity. Also, he creates employment and contributes to the generation of revenue for the government by paying taxes.

                        A                     B                       C                      D

         71. Creation           provision         construction     production

         72. Debts               pitfalls             risks                 problems

        73. Hawker            peddler               retailer               trader

          74. Plunge              invest               break               delve

         75. Colleague         comrade           fellow              partner

         76. Tendencies      properties         attributes          features

          77. Skills                talents              knack               foresight

       78. Outputs            yields               products           materials

          79. Controls           checks              restrains           bridles

         80. Assets              wealth              stock                resources

WAEC GCE English Essay 2020

The above questions are not exactly 2020 WAEC English Language questions and answers but likely WAEC English repeated questions and answers.

These questions are for practice. The 2020 WAEC GCE English expo will be posted on this page 30 minutes before the WAEC GCE English Essay, Objectives and Test of Oral examination. Keep checking and refreshing this page for the answers.

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